Susan Wardle

Susan Wardle

Postdoctoral Research Associate

PhD, The University of Sydney, 2013


Contact details

Email: Susan Wardle

Office: Mathews, Room 704

Research Summary

Research Areas: Visual perception: Binocular vision, 3D depth perception, Stereopsis, Monocular occlusions.


Journal Articles

  • Gillam, B.J. & Wardle, S.G. (2013) A mid-level explanation for the venetian blind effect. Frontiers in Psychology, 4:908. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2013.00908
  • Wardle, S.G. & Gillam, B.J. (2013. April 8) Color constrains depth in da Vinci stereopsis for camouflage but not occlusion. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1037/a0032315
  • Wardle, S.G. & Gillam, B.J. (2013) Phantom surfaces in da Vinci stereopsis. Journal of Vision, 13(2):16, 1-14.
  • Wardle, S.G. & Alais, D. (2013) Evidence for speed sensitivity to motion in depth from binocular cues. Journal of Vision, 13(1):17, 1-16.
  • Wardle, S.G., Bex, P.J., Cass, J., & Alais, D. (2012) Stereoacuity in the periphery is limited by internal noise. Journal of Vision, 12(6):12, 1-12.
  • Wardle, S.G., Cass, J., Brooks, K.R., & Alais, D. (2010) Breaking camouflage: Binocular disparity reduces contrast masking in natural images. Journal of Vision, 10(14):38, 1-12.
  • Mitchell, C.J., Wardle, S.G., Lovibond, P.F., Weidemann, G., & Chang, B.P.I. (2010). Do reaction times in the Perruchet effect reflect variations in the strength of an associative link? Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, 36, 567-572.
  • Wardle, S.G., Mitchell, C.J. & Lovibond, P F. (2007) Flavor evaluative conditioning and contingency awareness. Learning & Behavior, 35, 233-241.

Published conference abstracts

  • Wardle S., Gillam, B. & Palmisano, S. (2013) The role of monocular regions in the perception of stereoscopic surfaces. [Talk] Perception, 42, ECVP Abstract Supplement, p. 12. 36th European Conference on Visual Perception, Bremen, Germany
  • Wardle, S., Bex, P. Cass, J. & Alais, D. (2012) Stereoacuity across the visual field: An equivalent noise analysis. Perception, 41, ECVP Abstract Supplement, p. 70. 35th European Conference on Visual Perception, Alghero, Italy
  • Gillam, B. & Wardle S. (2012) Phantom contours in da Vinci stereopsis. Perception, 41, ECVP Abstract Supplement, p. 17. 35th European Conference on Visual Perception, Alghero, Italy
  • Wardle, S. & Gillam, B. (2012) Constraints on perceiving camouflage in da Vinci stereopsis. Journal of Vision, 12(9): 214. 12th Annual Meeting, Vision Sciences Society, Naples, FL, USA
  • Wardle, S. & Gillam, B. (2012) Camouflage and occlusion in da Vinci stereopsis. [Talk] Combined abstracts of 2012 Australian Psychology Conferences, p. 72. Australian Psychological Society. 39th Australasian Experimental Psychology Conference, Sydney, Australia
  • Wardle, S., Cass, J. Brooks, K., & Alais, D. (2010) Stereopsis reduces contrast masking in natural images. Perception, 39, ECVP Abstract Supplement, p. 99. 33rd European Conference on Visual Perception, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Wardle, S., Alais, D., Cass, J., & MacDougall, H. (2009) Bistable depth ordering in motion transparency. Perception, 38, ECVP Abstract Supplement, p. 53. 32nd European Conference on Visual Perception, Regensberg, Germany
  • Wardle, S., Alais, D., & Cass, J. (2009) The effect of spatial frequency on bistable depth ordering in transparent motion. Combined abstracts of 2009 Australian Psychology Conferences, p. 56. Australian Psychological Society. 36th Australasian Experimental Psychology Conference, Wollongong, Australia

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2012 — Vision Sciences Society

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