Dr Amy Reichelt

Dr Amy Reichelt

Dr Amy Reichelt


Senior Research Associate, 2013 - UNSW

Research Fellow, 2011-2013 University of Birmingham (United Kingdom)
PhD, 2011, Cardiff University (United Kingdom)

Contact details

Phone: ext 58787
Email: Dr Amy Reichelt

Office: Mathews, Room 440

Research Summary

Research Areas: Reward, Motivation, Learning & Memory

  • I am interested in memory, appetitive behaviour, drug addiction and obesity
  • I am also interested in behavioural control and the role of the prefrontal cortex in goal-directed and habitual learning


PSYC2081 - Learning and Physiological Psychology

NEUR2201 - Neuroscience fundamentals


  1. Peer reviewed manuscripts

    Reichelt, A.C., Westbrook, R.F. and Morris, M.J.  (2015) Integration of reward signalling and appetite regulating peptide systems in the control of food-cue responses. British Journal of Pharmacology

    Reichelt A.C., Killcross, S., Hambly, L., Morris, M.J, and Westbrook, R.F. (2015) Impact of adolescent sucrose access on cognitive control, recognition memory and parvalbumin immunoreactivity. Learning and Memory

    Morris, M.J., Beilharz, J., Maniam, J, Reichelt, A.C.and Westbrook, R.F. (2015). Why is obesity such a problem in the 21st century? The intersection of palatable food, cues and reward pathways, stress, and cognition. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews

    Exton-McGuiness, M.T., Lee, J.L.C.and Reichelt, A.C. (2015). Updating memories - The role of prediction errors in memory reconsolidation. Behavioural Brain Research

    Reichelt, A.C., Maniam, J, Westbrook, R.F. and Morris, M.J. (2014). Dietary-induced obesity disrupts trace fear conditioning and decreases hippocampal reelin expression. Brain, Behaviour and Immunity

    Reichelt, A.C., Morris, M.J. and Westbrook, R.F. (2014). Impact of cafeteria diet on sensory specific satiety and stimulus-outcome learning. Frontiers in Psychology

    Siette, J., Reichelt, A.C. and Westbrook, R.F. (2014) A bout of voluntary running enhances context conditioned fear, its extinction and its reconsolidation. Learning and Memory

    Martire, S.I., Tran, D.M.D. andReichelt, A.C. (2013). Preventing binge eating with deep brain stimulation – can compulsive eating be switched off? Frontiers in Psychiatry

    Reichelt, A.C., Exton-McGuiness, M.T. and Lee, J.L.C. (2013) Ventral tegmental dopamine dysregulation prevents appetitive memory destabilisation. Journal of Neuroscience

    Reichelt, A.C., Good, M.A. and Killcross, S. (2013) Attenuation of acute d-amphetamine-induced disruption of conflict resolution by clozapine, but not α-flupenthixol in rats. Journal of Psychopharmacology

    Reichelt, A.C. and Lee, J.L.C. (2013) Memory reconsolidation in aversive and appetitive settings. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience

    Reichelt, A.C.,Humby, T., Wilkinson, L.S., Killcross, S. and Good, M.A (2013) Transgenic expression of the FTDP-17 tauV337M mutation in brain dissociates components of executive function in mice. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

    Humby, T, Eddy, J.B., Good, M.A., Reichelt, A.C., and Wilkinson, L.S. (2013) A novel translational assay of response inhibition and impulsivity; effects of prefrontal cortex lesions, drugs used in ADHD, and serotonin 2C receptor antagonism. Neuropsychopharmacology

    Reichelt, A.C. and Lee, J.L.C. (2013) Over-expectation generated in a complex goal-tracking task can evoke memory reconsolidation. Psychopharmacology

    Reichelt, A.C. and Lee, J.L.C. (2012) Appetitive pavlovian goal-tracking memories reconsolidate only under specific conditions. Learning and Memory

    Reichelt, A.C., Rodgers, R.J. and Clapcote, S.J. (2012) The role of neurexins in schizophrenia and autistic spectrum disorders. Neuropharmacology

    Reichelt, A.C., Lin, T-C, Harrison, J.J., Honey, R.C. and Good, M.A. (2011) Differential role of the hippocampus in response-outcome andcontext-outcome learning: Evidence from selective satiation procedures. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

    Book Chapters

    Reichelt, A.C.and Dachtler, J. (2015). The role of neurexins and neuroligins in autism. In Fatemi, S.H. & Manto, M. (Eds.) The Molecular Basis of Autism. Springer, USA (Invited chapter)

Awards, Fellowships & Grants

Grants / Awards Received:

  • AIPS Young Tall Poppy 2015
  • ISN Travel Grant 2015
  • SSIB New Investigator Award 2015
  • ARC DECRA - 2014-2017
  • FENS/IBRO Travel grant 2014
  • British Association for Psychopharmacology – Conference bursary for summer meeting attendance 2014 (Cambridge, UK)
  • Asia Pacific Society for Neurochemistry - Travel grant for APSN attendance 2014
  • Wellcome Trust ISSF mobility grant – 2012
  • Experimental Psychology Society Study visit grant – Study visit to UNSW, Sydney, Australia 2012
  • Universitas 21 Special Projects grant – Study visit to UNSW, Sydney, Australia 2012
  • Brain travel grant – Society for Neuroscience annual meeting 2009 attendance (Chicago)
  • Experimental Psychology Society Grindley grant – Eastern Psychological Society annual meeting 2008 attendance (Pittsburgh)

Affiliations & Memberships

Society for neuroscience, Australian Neuroscience Society, Australian Learning Group, Asia Pacific Society for Neurochemistry

Current Research Students

Honours 2015

Vimi Dogra

Alanna Wong

Research Internship 2015, Semester 1

Kirsten Abbott

Elaine Zhang

 Research Internship 2015, Semester 2

Jennifer Ngyuen

Please contact me for potential supervision for honours / masters / PhD projects.

I am also willing to sponsor undergraduate students for summer scholarships.

Other Information


Reichelt, A.C. (2011). Neurobiological mechanisms of conflict resolution and goal-directed behaviour. Supervised by Professors Simon Killcross and Mark Good. BBSRC Case funded in association with Eli Lilly. Cardiff University, UK