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Dr Mehdi Adibi

NHMRC CJ Martin Fellow

Research Areas: Population coding, neural coding, somatosensory system, sensory adaptation

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Ola Ahmed

Postdoctoral Research Associate & Clinical Psychologist

Research Areas: Classical conditioning, generalization of conditioned fear

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Dr. Selen Atasoy

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

I did my Ph.D. in medical imaging jointly at Technical University of Munich with Nassir Navab and at Imperial College London with Guang-Zhong Yang (2008-2012). My doctoral thesis focused on scene recognition in medical images using pattern recognition and machine learning methods.

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Dr Kathryn Baker

ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher

Learning and memory, fear, extinction, adolescence, d-cycloserine, retrieval-extinction, calcium.

My research examines how fear is inhibited in the adolescent brain. Adolescence is a period of increased vulnerability to anxiety disorders and the brain undergoes substantial maturation during adolescence, particularly in the prefrontal cortex (PFC), a region critical for inhibiting fear in adults. I am interested in how adolescents may be less efficient in utilising prefrontal regions to inhibit fear.

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Dr Peter Baldwin

Casual Academic (Teaching and Research)

I research Hoarding Disorder, a poorly understood psychiatric syndrome. I examine how psychological and neurological processes might explain hoarding behaviour, and how we can better address these in clinical theory and practice.

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Dr Johanna Bergmann

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Visual imagery and working memory, conscious visual perception, early visual cortex, brain imaging methods (fMRI, DTI, MR spectroscopy)

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Dr J Bertran-Gonzalez

DECRA Research Fellow

My current research at the Decision Neuroscience Laboratory (UNSW) focuses on the involvement of basal ganglia circuits in the selection and refinement of action in both physiological and pathological conditions. The approach taken is to use well-defined behavioural procedures drawn from the associative learning literature as well as to design novel behavioural paradigms to allow the systematic investigation of the role played by different basal ganglia components in the control of voluntary action.

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Dr Kelly Clemens

Senior Research Associate

Behavioural and neural consequences of drug addiction, external factors that might promote or contribute to the development and maintenance of drug addiction, the involvement of epigenetic factors, including histone acetylation in the encoding of drug-associated memories, choice paradigms, habits and actions in drug addiction.

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Frances De Blasio

Research Assistant

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Miriam Den

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Research Areas: From rats to humans: The effects of stress on fear conditioning and extinction during adolescence.

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