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Professor Lenny R. Vartanian


Research Areas: Psychology of eating and weight, including body image, self-regulation, social influences, and weight bias and discrimination.

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Scientia Professor Fred Westbrook

Scientia Professor

Research Areas: Behavioural and neural investigations of elementary learning processes.

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Dr David White

Scientia Fellow (Lecturer)

Research areas: Face recognition, person perception, perceptual expertise, individual differences.

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Associate Professor Thomas Whitford

Associate Professor and NHMRC Career Development Fellow

Research Areas

Sensory attenuation (a.k.a. ‘self-suppression’): the phenomenon that self-generated sensations feel less salient, and evoke a smaller brain response, than externally-generated sensations. The difficulty of tickling oneself is a classic example.

Inner speech: the silent production of words in one’s mind. I am particularly interested in developing objective, neurophysiological markers of this purely mental action.

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Dr Karen Whittingham


Research Areas: Organisational Psychology: Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Innovation, Creativity and Skill Development, EI, Onboarding 

Neuroscience: Synesthesia
General: Attention and Absorption, Personality

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Dr Lisa A. Williams

Senior Lecturer

Research Areas: The influence of social emotions (e.g., pride, gratitude) in intrapersonal domains (goal pursuit, resilience, wellbeing), interpersonal domains (trust, negotiation, leadership), and intergroup domains (status, attitudes, intergroup aggression).

The processes by which expressions of emotion signal traits of the expresser (e.g., gratitude expressions signal interpersonal warmth, pride signals competence) and how inferences of these traits in turn drive interpersonal behavior.

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