Professor Colin Clifford

Professor Colin Clifford

Professor Colin Clifford


PhD, University College London, 1994 - 1996
MSc, Sussex University, 1991 - 1992
MA, Pembroke College, Cambridge, 1985 - 1989

Contact details

Phone: 02 9385 1050
Email: Professor Colin Clifford
Fax: (02) 9385 3641

Office: Mathews 1013

Research Summary

The primary research focus of my laboratory is vision, how context affects our perception, and how our visual awareness might be related to the underlying neural processing.

Research Lab: Clifford Group



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Awards, Fellowships & Grants

2016 – 2018 Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, Perception of gaze, head and body direction, Clifford, C.W.G. ($285,969).

2015 – 2018 Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, Who are you expecting? Uncertainty and bias in high-level vision, Clifford, C.W.G. & Watson, T.L. ($395,000).

2015 – 2018 National Health and Medical Research Council Project Grant, Visual hallucinations: mechanistic biomarkers and novel treatments, Pearson, J., Lewis, S.J.G. & Clifford, C.W.G. ($448,000).

2015 Australian Research Council Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Project, Facility for Experimental Human-Robot Interaction Research, Velonaki, M., Rye, D., Dissanayake, G., Faux, S., Pagnucco, A., Clifford, C.W.G. & Ramos, F. ($350,000)

2012 – 2014 National Health and Medical Research Council Project Grant, Functional anisotropies in the processing of orientation and direction-of-motion by human visual cortex, Clifford, C.W.G. ($296,175).

2012 – 2014 Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, Gaze perception and adaptation, Clifford, C.W.G. & Calder, A. ($284,000).

2011 – 2015 Future Fellowship, Parallel and generative binding in human visual cortex, Clifford, C.W.G. ($931,000).

2010 Australian Research Council Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Project, State-of-the-art upgrade to multi-transmit multi-receive technology for research dedicated 3 Tesla MRI scanner, Rae, C., Bilston, L.E., Clifford, C.W.G., Macefield, V.G., Simmons, R.A., Grunstein, R.R., Solo, V., Denson, T.F. & Hodges, J.R. (A$400,000).

2009 – 2013 Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Vision Science, Lamb, T.D. et al. (A$7,500,000).

2009 – 2011 National Health and Medical Research Council Project Grant, Orientation-specific contextual modulation in human visual cortex, Clifford, C.W.G., Spehar, B. & Breakspear, M. (A$279,250).

2009 – 2012 Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, Peripheral and central mechanisms of sensory coding and integration, Harris, J.A., Clifford, C.W.G. & Arabzadeh, E. (A$445,000).

2007 – 2011 Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, Visual coding of motion and form, Clifford, C.W.G. (A$556,000).

2006 – 2008 Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, Interactions between vision and touch, Harris, J.A. & Clifford, C.W.G. (A$340,000).

2003 – 2004 Australian Research Council Linkage International Award, Complex Motion Processing in Primate Visual Cortex, Clifford, C.W.G., Ibbotson, M.R. & Mustari, M. (A$30,500).

2003 – 2005 National Health and Medical Research Council Project Grant, Using contextual effects to test theories of coding in visual cortex, Ibbotson, M.R. & Clifford, C.W.G. (A$190,000).

2003 – 2005 Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, Contextual interactions in colour and form perception, Spehar, B. & Clifford, C.W.G. (A$168,000).

2002 - 2006 Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, Processing and awareness in dynamic vision, Clifford, C.W.G. (A$570,000).

2000 - 2002 Australian Research Council Large Grant, Using adaptation to probe the mechanisms of orientation processing in the human visual system, Wenderoth, P. & Clifford, C.W.G. (A$161,500).

1999 - 2001 Australian Research Council Large Grant, A functional role for motion adaptation, Wenderoth, P. & Clifford, C.W.G. (A$115,000).