Professor Brett Hayes

Professor Brett Hayes

Professor Brett Hayes


PhD, 1991, UNSW

Contact details

Phone: (02) 9385 3713
Email: Professor Brett Hayes
Fax: (02) 9385 3641

Office: Mathews, Room 713

Research Summary

Research Areas: My research focuses on the processes involved in “high-level” cognition; i.e. how people think, reason, categorize and make decisions.  In particular my research focuses on: a) categorisation and inductive reasoning in adults, b) memory development and c) relations between reasoning and memory.  My work in these areas involves both experimental investigation and the application of computational models.  I also have a long-standing interest in the development of children's eyewitness memory and the forensic applications of such research. 

Current Research Projects:
Project: The Early Development of Reasoning.
Project: How Does Children’s Recognition Memory Develop?
Project: In Two Minds or Just One? Comparing Intuitive and Analytical Thinking
Project: How Do People Learn and Reason From Experience? Understanding Inductive Reasoning
Project: Considering Alternatives in Judgement and Decision-Making
Project: Inductive Reasoning in Generalization of Conditioned Fear

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PSYC2061: Developmental and Social Psychology
PSYC3341: Developmental Psychology PSYC4063: Psychology 4B


Recent publications:

Hayes BK; Dunn JC; Joubert A; Taylor R, 2016, 'Comparing single- and dual-process models of memory development', Developmental Science,

Hayes BK; Hawkins GE; Newell BR, 2016, 'Consider the alternative: The effects of causal knowledge on representing and using alternative hypotheses in judgments under uncertainty', Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning Memory and Cognition, vol. 42, pp. 723 - 739,

Hawkins GE; Hayes BK; Heit E, 2016, 'A dynamic model of reasoning and memory', Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, vol. 145, pp. 155 - 180,

Hawkins GE; Hayes BK; Donkin C; Pasqualino M; Newell BR, 2015, 'A Bayesian latent-mixture model analysis shows that informative samples reduce base-rate neglect.', Decision, vol. 2, pp. 306 - 318,

Newell BR; McDonald RI; Brewer M; Hayes BK, 2014, 'The psychology of environmental decisions', Annual Review of Environment and Resources, vol. 39, pp. 443 - 467,

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Awards, Fellowships & Grants

Current Research Grants:

  • 2016 The role of inductive reasoning in generalization of associative learning (with Peter Lovibond), Australian Research Council Discovery Grant
  • 2015 Uncovering the cognitive processes underlying human reasoning: A state-trace approach (with John Dunn), Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, $534,209
  • 2013 How many types of reasoning are there and how do they develop? (with E. Heit), Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, $231,000
  • 2012 Creating a climate for change: From cognition to consensus (with B. R. Newell, M. Brewer, S. Lewandowsky, A. Pitman, M. England, C. Mitchell (PI)), Australian Research Council Linkage Grant, $215,913
  • 2010-2012 Unifying models of reasoning and memory (with Evan Heit), Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, $254,000
  • 2007-2010 As-if reasoning in categorization, reasoning and decision-making (with Ben Newell), Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, $271,000

Current Research Students

Janice Liew; Jason Harris